Lin-Manuel Miranda’s SNL promos came out, and they’re hysterical!

Hamilton fans are really looking forward to this Saturday — Lin-Manuel Miranda will be hosting Saturday Night Live, and it’ll be a must-see. While an actor and a writer, he’s best known for both creating and starring in the Broadway hit. And, well, Hamilton is so big, that getting tickets to see it is almost impossible.

Of course, Miranda is fully aware of this, and uses that fact as a bit in one of his promos.

Seriously, everything in that video is just amazing. Miranda and cast member Cecily Strong have amazing chemistry, even when he's pretending to be upset with her.

(Strong did a brief impression of Miranda on last week’s show — it’s great that it’s mentioned here in the promos, but it’s also pretty cool to realize that she probably studied up on him quite a bit before they even met!)

Miranda’s episode, which will be airing this Saturday, October 8th, also features music from the band Twenty One Pilots. Fans are… well, excited is an understatement. false

This’ll be an episode that we will definitely make sure to stay up for!

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