Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife welcomed their second child, and pride is not the word we’re looking for

We all know and love Lin-Manuel Miranda, right? Right. What’s not to love? He is a creator, an activist, and an all-around smart and funny guy. He is constantly working on things that excite us, including The Kingkiller Chronicle, a TV show that may fill the Games of Thrones-sized hole in our lives. He’s a husband and father who does adorable things like live-tweet his son’s first Hamilton experience. All in all, we’re just super lucky to have Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Back in December, Lin-Manuel Miranda confirmed that he and wife Vanessa Nadal were expecting Baby #2 to arrive very soon. And that time has come! The baby’s arrival was celebrated across social media, as per usual these days.

Of course, because it’s Miranda, the announcement of his son’s birth was well thought-out and very touching. All in one fell swoop (er, tweet), Miranda set the scene, announced his son’s weight and name, and shared a gorgeous photograph. Baby and mama look absolutely blissful, and we can tell from the tweet that Miranda is simply on cloud 9. The baby’s name is classic and adorable and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Welcome to the world, Francisco Miranda!

Weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, complete with the best little family in the world, Francisco is already off to a great start.

Francisco joins his big brother, Sebastian, who was born in 2014.

When Sebastian was born, Papa Miranda announced his arrival in a very similar manner. (Albeit, when he was much less famous.)

We imagine that Miranda and Nadal are the fun parents that every kid deserves. Welcome to the world, Francisco! We are so happy you’re here. You’re gonna LOVE your mom and dad. We certainly do!

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