Ellen just proved that Lin-Manuel Miranda can rap about literally anything

When most people think of the greatest freestyle rapper of our time, they probably don’t think of a Broadway star. Hamilton creator and former star Lin-Manuel Miranda can rap about literally anything, and he’s beyond incredible. Miranda rapped about mundane everyday events during his very first appearance on The Ellen Show.

And of course his performance was sick. The good kind of sick.

Miranda has been known to bust out rhymes every chance he gets, so it’s really no surprise that he took his skills to the set of Ellen. During her monologue, Ellen Degeneres told the audience that she thinks it would be fun to rap instead of talk. But since she doesn’t know how to rap, she brought out Miranda and his major freestyle skillz.

Degeneres gave him a bunch of specific situations to freestyle about — situations he hadn’t heard until that exact moment. He not only successfully rhymed and made complete sense, he NAILED every single one of them and barely even took the time to THINK before he rapped. Miranda rapped about things rappers don’t typically rap about. You know, like holding the door open for people who don’t say thank you, grocery store aisle clean ups, cutting shower curtains with nipples, iPhone updates, and… Nancy. You’ll see.

Check it out:


Miranda’s brain is insane — in the absolute best way ever. We want to listen to him rap about everything and nothing forever.

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