Lin-Manuel Miranda loves his new haircut, but his wife misses the ponytail

Lin-Manuel Miranda, our musical hero, had been making some major life moves as of late. He ended his run playing the title role in his phenom musical Hamilton. His Disney film Moana, for which he wrote AWESOME lyrics, just came out. He’s also helping out with the songs for Disney’s live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid. Aaaaaand he’s starring opposite Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns. Oh, and he got a haircut.


Granted, that last life move feels a little smaller than all the Broadway/Disney stuff. Still, anyone who’s ever undergone a big chop knows it’s always kind of a big deal. Miranda kept his hair ponytail-length to play founding father Alexander Hamilton. Anyone with long hair knows it’s a pain to wash/dry/etc.

So a haircut was in order when Miranda peaced out of his musical. Cutting his hair short, however, had a weird unintended consequence.

“My wife misses my ponytail. She was like, ‘Oh, I have a new husband for a couple of years,’” Miranda told PEOPLE.

Much as he must have hated to disappoint his spouse, Miranda’s been loving having his short hair back.

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“Less people recognize me with the short hair, hence I love the short hair. I like the 30 minutes a day I save on looking for hair ties.

Miranda is SUPER busy these days, so it sounds like he’s making great use of the time saved.

“Now, my days consist of singing and dancing with Emily Blunt all day and then I tuck my kid in at the end of the night and that’s pretty rad."

Like Miranda’s wife, we admit we miss the ponytail a smidge. It gives us ALL the original Hamilton cast nostalgia vibes. But mostly we’re just super excited that our favorite musical genius is hard at work making a great new movie for us! We’re so excited for new Mary Poppins! And we’re ALWAYS excited for all things Lin-Manuel Miranda!

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