Lin-Manuel Miranda just sang a song with Weird Al, and our nerdy hearts can’t handle it

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a busy man – apart from creating the musical sensation of a generation, he recently cut his hair, sharing inspirational conversations he’s had with his wife, and tweeting at the most adorable cast member of Stranger Things, he’s doing low-key, totally normal things like singing “Yoda” on stage with Weird Al.

Yeah, you read that right.

Nn Saturday night, Weird Al played a concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York. During his performance of his parody of The Kinks song, “Lola,” Weird Al turned the mic to the crowd, saying, “Okay, you sing it!”

The crowd complied, then he brought the mic back to himself to growl, “Okay just Lin-Manuel!” And Lin, hands shoved in his pants pockets and wearing a “Hamilton 2016” t-shirt ran up, sang briefly, and disappeared just as suddenly as he’d come.

Here’s a video of the song in full, but be careful: if you blink, you might miss Lin-Manuel Miranda’s moment.

It was an adorable moment, but perhaps even more endearing were the string or tweets Lin shared later that evening. First, he responded to a tweet from a fan:

Then, he shared the sweetest memory:

Next, he compared being onstage with Weird Al to his feelings being a fan and thinking he and his friends had made Al perform “Yoda, by yelling for the song:

Finally, when we thought Lin couldn’t be any more perfect and lovable, he made a Harry Potter reference and our nerdy hearts are about to burst:

Obviously, this must have been a fantastic, albeit brief moment for fans present at Radio City. We’re just glad the video proof of it exists, so we can see and appreciate it, too!