Lin-Manuel Miranda just made us all a spectacular Galentine’s Day playlist that honors iconic women

Isn’t it insane that, before February 11th, 2010, Galentine’s Day wasn’t a major annual part of our lives?

So before 2010 — before Parks and Recreation gave us the gift of one of two of the series’ enduring unofficial holidays, via its famous “Galentine’s Day” episode — we never would have been able to enjoy this playlist filled with female friendship empowerment from the one, the only, Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Miranda, who is obviously a feminist ally and seemingly an all-around decent guy, shared his Galentine’s Spotify playlist early Monday morning, just in time for all of us on the East Coast to rethink our current song selections and question why we didn’t initially include The Pointer Sisters or Ashley Tisdale.

He even sent it to the Parks and Rec crew, because we all know Retta has got some bomb party plans for later on this evening, and needs Destiny’s Child and Queen Latifah to kick it to overdrive.

Basically, Galentine’s Day is a crucial day for a whole lot of people out there (raises hand) who don’t otherwise find a whole lot of time in their schedules to dedicate solely to nurturing relationships with their “gal pals.” (Yes, we and Leslie Knope know that Galentine’s Day is not just for cis “gals” — the “gals” in this case is a metaphor!)

These friendships are often mentally beneficial and very nurturing, so taking one measly day out of the year to celebrate them seems like a no-brainer.


We’re so glad that Miranda realizes this, and hope he gives his wife, Vanessa, the night off from watching their son tonight in order to celebrate accordingly.

Either way, we’ll totally be jamming out to his playlist here in NYC — and Vanessa, if you’re in town, you’re welcome to join!

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