Lin-Manuel Miranda just rapped about “Full House” and suddenly all of our dreams are coming true

Most of us know Lin-Manuel Miranda from starring in Hamilton on Broadway (which he won a well-deserved Tony award for!), and belting out some seriously amazing carpool karaoke with James Corden. And a few weeks ago, we lost our minds when he was cast alongside Emily Blunt in the Mary Poppins sequel…

But now he’s defied all expectations of amazingness by RAPPING about one of our favorite classic shows: Full House! Yes, you read that correctly.

Dressed down in a hoodie and t-shirt (badass rapper style), Miranda works the stage at Seeso TV’s Freestyle Love Supreme like a total #BOSS.

He starts with posing a question to the audience, “What y’all know about Bob Sagat?” (who played Danny on Full House for its entire run), and then hilariously compares Danny Tanner to Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk).

Of course, there’s a mention of the Olsen twins thrown in there, as well as other members of the cast, like John Stamos and Lori Laughlin (who played Jesse and Rebecca Katsopolis, not that you need reminding).

Alright, so we knew Miranda was cool and funny and had some rapping background (who could forget his freestyle rap on Jimmy Fallon?!) and everything, but this rap is just dripping with star-power, personality, confidence, and attitude (which we know all successful rappers have, so hey, if he ever wants to pursue that for real, there’s potential there).

Oh yeah, and it makes us want to show off some moves, because Miranda is full of energy up there!

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Naturally, Sagat loved the attention as much as we loved seeing Miranda rap.

This totally made our day, we hope it makes yours hilarious and wonderful as well.