Lin-Manuel Miranda has an unusual medical condition and we had to go look it up

Lin-Manuel Miranda can’t help but educate his fanbase. Whether he’s teaching us through music about Alexander Hamilton or speaking out about social justice, the man brims with sweet, sweet wisdom. And Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest tweet is no exception.

Yes, that’s right. When he’s not busy tweeting delightfully nerdy exchanges with J.K. Rowling or gushing over Stranger Things, Lin-Manuel tweets personal, often revealing, information. And it seems Lin-Manuel has a case of Vestibular Neuritis. Haven’t heard of it? It’s okay, we haven’t either.

It all began with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s most recent tweet:

Trust Lin-Manuel Miranda: if he can’t freestyle rap about it, he’s going to turn it into a knock-knock joke!

According to The Vestibular Disorders AssociationVestibular Neuritis is:

"[A disorder] resulting from an infection that inflames the inner ear or the nerves connecting the inner ear to the brain. This inflammation disrupts the transmission of sensory information from the ear to the brain. Vertigo, dizziness, and difficulties with balance, vision, or hearing may result."

No wonder he jokes about falling down! The poor man is off-balance! Luckily, the condition is treatable and curable if treated properly. Whew. We’re confident Lin-Manuel has very caring doctors. They wouldn’t want to hurt one of America’s treasures, right?

Sadly, we should have known something was up when he first tweeted a couple of days ago:

Poor Lin-Manuel Miranda! Unfortunately, it seems the condition not only causes dizziness, but can make sufferers nauseous, as well. Seriously, we would love to bring him some cookies or chicken soup. Whatever his heart desires.

For those of us who want to try and “win” a chance to meet Lin-Manuel, you can donate to Planned Parenthood for a chance to win the “ultimate” Hamilton experience!  That experience comes with a personal tour of the set with the genius himself. Seriously, if we met Lin-Manuel Miranda, we’d faint — and we wouldn’t have an inner-ear infection to blame.

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