Grab your roll-on glitter because Limited Too is coming back!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of everyone breathing a sigh of relief. And it’s because Limited Too is returning to our lives (and our hearts) in 2016. Limited Too, if you remember (and of course you do) was a ’90s mall staple and the OG clothing-store-with-a-photo-booth (as far as I’m concerned). Limited Too was great because it had clothes and accessories and also weird toys and things that you’d otherwise have to sheepishly walk into Spencer’s Gifts for. (Was I the only person mortified to set foot in there with my parents for fear of all the dirty stuff???)

The Limited Too was my go-to destination for spaghetti strap tank tops with built-in bras. As someone who developed decidedly “late” in life, this was a great alternative to embarrassingly wearing some kind of training bra.

And let’s never forget the tattoo choker which is definitely making a Limited Too-style comeback right now.

In fact, I feel like Limited Too could just break out their whole stock of clothes from the ’90s and none of us would notice anything weird. We are in such a ’90s resurgence I’m surprised I’m not drinking an Orbitz soda right now.

Aside from my fear of bell-bottom jeans (went REAL big into bell-bottoms for 7th and 8th grade), I’d legit wear any of these things right now. In 2015.

Never forget you could, back in the glorious day, buy inflatable furniture at Limited Too (though my lime green inflatable chair was, again, from Spencer’s Gifts) and, yes, a portable media player.

Basically anything Mary-Kate or Ashley would be wearing, you could buy at Limited Too.

And given the fact that Claire’s is still going strong (and I still go in there sometimes) I’m sure Limited Too will do just fine. So grab your friends, grab an Orange Julius and go back to the mall to shop!

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