Limited Too is coming back, so hold on to your body glitter

We just caught wind of some news that will make you yell, “Holy Hilary Duff!” Our most nostalgic back-to-school shopping locale, Limited Too, is coming back to life. Now it’s time to whip out your hot pink Razr flip phone and alert all your BFFs.

A physical Limited Too pop-up store will be making its way around New York City in August. That means you can stock up on your body glitter, vanilla lip gloss, and bedazzled peace sign tees for the upcoming school year.

We can finally get back to Lizzie McGuire-fying our entire wardrobe — a project almost 16 years in the making.

According to Racked, in an effort to bring the tween haven back from the grave, a company called Bluestar Alliance bought Limited Too in 2015 from Sun Capital Partners, owner of The Limited. Bluestar Alliance’s plan was to put Limited Too clothing into department stores, with an eventual goal to bring back physical Limited Too stores by 2016.

Although Bluestar Alliance is running slightly behind schedule, they’re following through on their promise to bring Limited Too back to the masses.

First comes the pop-up shop, next comes Limited Too storefronts all across America.

Nylon reports that the Limited Too comeback tour will start on Third Avenue, between 59th and 60th Streets, on August 6th. Then, it will move to Herald Square on August 7th and 8th, Union Square on August 9th, and host its grand finale at Flatiron on August 10th.

We’re not sure what the brand will look like in the modern era. But if the Limited Too pop-up store has its staples — camouflage pants, platform sandals, and pastel hair accessories up the wazoo — then we’re ready and willing to be smacked by the nostalgia wave. Bring it on.

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