Lily-Rose Depp is staying in the family business, becoming a major movie star

You can never have too many Depps on screen, wich is good, because soon Lily-Rose Depp will be following in her father’s footsteps and starring in a major motion picture. The 16-year-old will be appearing in The Dancer, playing the role of the iconic dance figure, Isadora Duncan.

The movie is the directorial debut of Stephanie Di Giusto. Based on the life of Loie Fuller (played by French musician Soko), an American performer who was a major part of shaping the world of modern dance, The Dancer gives screen time to a story that isn’t often told outside of the dance community. Duncan was a huge part of Fuller’s life, but also has an incredible life of her own. Born in San Francisco, Duncan moved all over the world to perform and teach her unique style of dance.

“Unique” is definitely a word to describe Lilly-Rose Depp, who, like her father, seems to also have an inclination for quirky and almost other-worldly roles.

This isn’t the only movie we’re set to see her in. After the news broke that she was set to star alongside her father in the upcoming movie Yoga Hosers, she also landed a role in French film Planetarian. She joins Natalie Portman in the story of two sisters in 1930’s Paris who can communicate with ghosts.

We can’t wait for all three of these films to come out, but we’re even more excited that Lily-Rose, who has always been an inspiration to us, is getting the recognition and career she deserves. See you on the big screen, girl!

(Image via Instagram)