Lily-Rose Depp looks like a music festival *matador* in this beaded bolero jacket

The always lovely Lily-Rose Depp offered up some serious lessons in style this week. At a party celebrating the release of Chanel No. 5 L’Eau, she donned what can only be described as a matador-chic bolero.

Depp, who is the face of the fragrance, looked positively ravishing in the Chanel Couture jacket and low-slung leather pants.


Don’t mind us, we’re just adding “bejeweled bolero” to our fall shopping list.


This look is just beyond fab.

Depp, who is the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and fellow Chanel muse Vanessa Paradis, was announced as the spokesmodel for Chanel No. 5 L’Eau, the brand’s most iconic fragrance, back in May. At the time, Chanel said Depp “embodies her generation and its values of freedom and boldness to perfection, bringing to the iconic fragrance of the House her youthful freshness and beauty.”

Depp seems to be equally reverent about working with the brand. Speaking to Vogue at the perfume’s launch party, she said, “It’s really surreal. I never expected this in a million years.

In a previous interview she told Love magazine, “Chanel has always been this big thing for me — there are baby pictures of me wearing my mom’s Chanel pumps.”

Sounds like a match made in heaven to us. You’re doing Chanel proud, Lily!

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