Lily-Rose Depp comes out in a truly beautiful way

We’re big-time fans of Lily-Rose Depp. The awesome apple did not fall far from the Depp family tree — seriously, this 16-year old is every bit as rad as her famous-times mom and dad. Whether she’s throwing herself a “sour sixteen,” becoming the new face of Chanel, or going into the family business and kicking butt and taking names in the acting world, we love how deeply and wonderfully herself Lily-Rose is.

And we also love the newest social project Lily-Rose in involved in. This weekend, photographer iO Tillett Wright shared a pic of herself with Lily-Rose on Instagram, a behind-the-scenes shot from Wright’s Self Evident Truths Project, in which iO plans to photograph 10,000 individuals who identify as “anything other than 100% straight.” To date, she has photographed 8,447  people in over 30 cities across the US. Participants in the project include Azealia Banks, Anna Chlumsky, Aer Heard, Gaby Hoffman, and Olivia Thirlby. And now Lily-Rose has become the latest celeb to model for the cause.

We love this Insta of iO and Lily-Rose, and we love how iO talks about Lily-Rose’s project participation in in the snap’s caption. She’s one of thousands of people iO has photographed who “falls somewhere on the vast spectrum,” and Lily-Rose’s coming out as something “other than 100% straight” is, as iO puts it, an beautiful opportunity to “welcome her to the family.” We also love how iO takes the opportunity to highlight what a gem Lily-Rose is. 

Meanwhile, on Lily-Rose’s own Instagram, the celeb posted another picture of herself from the project using the #weareyou hashtag. We love how this girl is living in her own truth and doing her part to spread acceptance and celebrate love.


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