Lily-Rose Depp says her “coming out” on Instagram was taken the wrong way

Several months ago, you probably saw headlines all over the place announcing that Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny Depp’s daughter) “came out” on Instagram. HelloGiggles even covered the news, thrilled that Lily-Rose embraced her identity and wanted others to know that it’s perfectly okay and normal to identify as gender-fluid. However, it seems that no one checked in with Lily-Rose herself because, according to her recent Nylon interview, that’s not at all what she meant to do.

It all started when photographer iO Tillett Wright posted a snapshot on her Instagram, announcing that Depp was modeling for her Self Evident Truths Project. This powerful series aims to photograph 10,000 people who identify as “anything other than 100% straight.” Once this image made the rounds, viewers automatically assumed that this was Lily-Rose’s way of coming out.

Using a top-notch analogy, Lily-Rose then points out that – just like our favorite foods – who we like, love, and/or are attracted to is not set in stone. That’s why labelling ourselves isn’t necessary.

As for why Depp thinks these changes in perspective are occurring now, she states that times have changed and that people have evolved. Her friend Harley Quinn adds,

Not only are we glad that Lily-Rose has taken the time to correct rumors, we’re also happy to hear her discussing such an important, timely topic —and that the actress is using her stardom to raise awareness about sexuality and acceptance.

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