Lily-Rose Depp talks about what it was like being raised by Johnny Depp

Lily-Rose Depp is not known for giving copious amounts of interviews. That’s why we were thrilled to see she’d spoken to i-d backstage at the Chanel Paris Fashion Week show. Kind of a super glam spot to open up about your parents, but when your parents are film superstar Johnny Depp and Internationally adored model and singer Vanessa Paradis, it’s bound to come up.

It turns out that being a daughter in the spotlight wasn’t a ton of fun, but Depp has a pragmatic view on the matter.

“I grew up with the media circus. My whole life,” Depp said. “My parents were very calm about the photographers, the fans, and all that. But I understood right away that I hadn’t done anything to deserve that attention. No matter what happens, it will be there. I didn’t choose it. You just can’t take that too seriously. You need to live your life. And stay calm.”

Very smart advice! Not sure we would have held it together with such a level-head in her shoes, but hopefully it’s getting easier now that the shoes are made by Chanel.

Although just last week Johnny Depp made a statement concerning his daughter and how worried he was about her incredibly busy and high-profile career, we think Lily-Rose has a firm grasp on her identity and celebrity status.  “To be honest, I’m quite worried,” Depp told Gala magazine. “What’s happening with Lily-Rose right now isn’t what I expected. Definitely not at this age. But these are her passions and she’s having fun.”

But honestly? Girl’s got this.

Expect to see her in a movie with her dad, out sometime this year. The horror-comedy flick is called Yoga Hosers.

(Image via Instagram)