Lily-Rose Depp looks like an actual queen in her birthday outfit

We’ve been talking about Lily-Rose Depp a lot lately, for everything from her amazing fashion choices — like when she wore a beautiful goth-like dress to Cannes — to her huge career successes — like when she recently became the face of a huge Chanel campaign. So for her 17th birthday, it’s only fitting that Lily-Rose transformed into a literal birthday princess and celebrate in full-on style with an actual crown on her head.

Of course, this wasn’t just ANY old tiara or crown: it was full of jewels! Such elaborate occasions are very Instagram-worthy, and here is a snap by Lily-Rose’s friend Sam Adams.

Does Lily-Rose look stylish or what? Unfortunately the post didn’t mention where the girls got ahold of this eye-catching birthday headgear, but we’ll be on the lookout for similar ones, for sure.

Clearly, they should have taken advantage of the crown and snapped more photos to make us jealous, but we’ll have to just remain calm with the knowledge that we’ll be hearing lots more from Lily-Rose in the near future. This girl has tons going on for a teenager (seriously, we’re not even sure how she had time to appear in this photo), and seems to be on the path of a long acting career in her mother and father’s footsteps.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Lily-Rose! You are one of our favorite teenagers. And drop us a line about where you snagged that amazing crown, okay?