This epic dress is exactly what Cinderella would wear in 2015

Lily James is bringing the most Disney princess-y Disney princess of all time, Cinderella, to life on the big screen this month. At last night’s Cinderella premiere, she brought her princess A-game, donning a ball gown worthy of her cartoon counterpart. Seriously, if Cinderella existed in the real world in 2015, this is the dress she would wear. Maybe it’s method acting or maybe it’s just that Lily is definitely fashion royalty. Either way, we’re obsessed with this epic #OOTD.

Let’s start with the front. It sparkles. It looks like Lily was magically draped in shimmering gossamer by fashion fairies. Everything about this screams princess and then, on top of that, IT HAS POCKETS. POCKETS! In a ball gown! We’re in love. Next, onto the back. 

This dress only gets better when you see the back. It’s long and flowy and everything your imagination hoped it would be. Lily’s up-do isn’t just a callback to Cinderella’s classic look; it’s a necessity to show off her own amazing dress.

Lily also Cinderella-fied her accessories, complete with a butterfly like the one that adorns her slippers in the new movie.

And finally, Lily dropped the proverbial mic with this clock clutch that we didn’t know we needed until right now. It’s a simple, subtle way to incorporate the story’s theme into the look in an unexpected way. Bravo all around, Lily. This outfit is definitely princess-approved.

(Images via here and here.)

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