Lily Collins revealed the weirdest request she gets from fans

While we think of many things when her name comes up, we often associate Lily Collins with her fantastic eyebrows. During her appearance on The Late Late Show the other night, the actress and model (and daughter of musician Phil Collins) said that her fans are definitely all about the brow.

In fact, Corden noted that fans have actually created Twitter accounts for her eyebrows — two somewhat popular accounts being @iamthebrows and @LilyCeyebrows, the latter of which hasn’t been updated since 2014 but still boasts tweets like, “Brow down, peasants.” The former? Well, that account got a shout-out from Collins herself, who noted,

"I do not tweet on it, but they do literally have a life of their own, they talk about who they’ve seen today."

So, all that said, it makes sense that Corden wanted to touch them.

In fact, that’s one of the weirdest requests Collins gets from her fans. But not both of her eyebrows — just one of them. Huh.

"It's weird. I've done book signings and press tours where people ask to touch them. But actually, weirdly enough, they don't ask to touch them. They ask to touch one. Which I think is even stranger because that's like, well, don't you want to even it out? Or like, which one do you want to touch?" Collins explained. "They're like 'oh my God, I love your movie, you're so great, but can I — can I touch your eyebrow?' And it's like the weirdest request."

Of course, even though it’s strange, Collins handles the weird requests like a champ and actually says yes. Might as well, right?

While we’d never ask to touch her eyebrow, we’ll just be taking Corden’s word for it and assume that “it feels pretty awesome.”

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