Lily Collins’ Christmas photos from London are like the perfect vacation on our screens

In addition to her first Golden Globe nomination, Lily Collins is having a perfect Christmas vacation. As a result we can’t stop staring at our screens! Not only is Lily providing us with perfect #tbt social media posts, she’s sharing her London getaway with her fans. Hence the magical photos that took our breath away.

Usually, Lily Collins kills the red carpet game on the daily. Her style choices are bold and beautiful. Therefore, it’s a real treat to see her pre-fame photographs, complete with a pattern dress and Santa. This girl clearly has a flair for the holidays!

Tree time…

Lily Collins’s perfect vacation this Christmas started with a traditional tree shopping excursion. She was accompanied by her beautiful mother and was in high spirits the entire time. Seems like the two had an amazing start to the holidays.

But because this is Lily we are talking about, the decorations on that tree were glamours and perfect. Consequently her proud mama posted the final product on her own social media. What is Christmas about if not the accomplishments of parents’ children?

Also, it looks like she made a cool friend:

Out and about.

Rather than stick to hanging inside the house all day, Lily explored the beautiful city of London. If you have never been there before, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. The people are in the holiday spirit, but most of all the city looks beautiful bathed in Christmas lights.

Doesn’t this just makes you want to hop on a plane and fly over to London this very instant?

Furthermore, don’t you wish you could just hang out with Lily Collins?

In conclusion, Lily Collins is having the perfect vacation this Christmas. Just another reason to follow her on social media throughout the holidays!

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