Lily Collins, THANK YOU for the amazing breakup advice

Lily Collins is known for quite a few different things: her roles in various movies (including, but not limited to, The Blind Side and Abduction, and we can’t forget her wonderful portrayal of Snow White in Mirror Mirror), being Phil Collins’ daughter of course, and—my personal favorite—being in M83’s music video for “Claudia Lewis.”

But recently, in an interview with Nylon, our girl gave us yet another reason to fall in love with her: She’s got a super-smart perspective on relationships and heartbreak.

Everyone goes through heartache at one point or another. That’s because love is beautifully and terribly messy, and putting your heart out there is the ultimate display of vulnerability. But what if it all backfires, and our heart gets broken instead? Here’s what Collins says:

“I think we’ve all had situations where we thought it was the end of the world when you have a break up but then you think, okay, where do I go from here? I can’t wallow in this for too long. You’ve got to pick yourself up and figure out what it is you can learn from it and move on. Those are the defining moments as a young woman, as a woman, those things never go away.”

Collins also waxed poetic on the mysterious nature of love.

“I always think that everything happens for a reason,” she tells Nylon. “Sometimes it takes knowing what you don’t want to know what you do want, meeting the wrong person to know what the right person would be like. And that’s life. You have to go through these things to find the right person to find your right path in life. It’s not the decision that defines who you are, it’s how you deal with them, the repercussions and how you come out of that. You learn different things about yourself by looking at the people that you choose to surround yourself with, relationships and friends. And I think you can only attract the right people when you know who you are. It’s like they say, you accept the love you think you deserve. Until you know what you want and who you are the right people won’t be attracted to you.”

Sing it, sister. We’re taking her words to heart.

To see more of Lily’s razor-sharp interview, check out the full interview here.

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