Lily Collins is officially back to brunette after going blonde for literally one day

File this under: how did her hair not fall out? Lily Collins is famously brunette. She’s kinda known for her perfect brows and dark brown hair, however, Collins went blonde over the weekend — and then a day later she was back to chestnut brown hair. Maybe it’s the Selena Gomez effect, because brunettes who previously wouldn’t dare to bleach their entire head are taking the plunge. Collins debuted her new golden mane on Friday and even said, “Not sure if it’s the blonde or this city, but I really am having more fun…” Less than 24 hours later, her hair was back to its natural state.

“Just kidding!” she wrote on Instagram, “natural locks, back in place. For now…”

You tell us, but that blonde hair she rocked for a day looked real, meaning, it did not look like a wig. Plus, her restored brown locks are lighter near the ends, which sometimes happens when you dye bleached hair a darker color. It’s also not great to switch your strands up this quickly and this drastically, so please don’t try this at home lest you want major breakage and some surprise discoloration.

Here’s Collins circa a week ago, then blonde, and then back to brunette.


…and we’re back!

The only other time that Collins dramatically changed her hair was when she dyed it bright red back in 2016.


When you’ve found your signature hair look, you stick with it. For Collins — that look is rich, dark, chestnut brown hair.  But hey, it’s fun to experiment.

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