Lily Allen Is Back, And It’s Still ‘Hard Out Here’

If you’re a fan of smart, sassy pop music, chances are you’re a fan of Lily Allen’s. Having released two fantastic albums in the mid-2000s – 2006’s Alright, Still and 2009’s It’s Not Me, It’s You – she then moved on to new life adventures: starting her own business, falling in love, getting married and giving birth to two adorable kids. And while fans were certainly pleased to see Lily find happiness after several difficult years, there’s one thing we all had in common: we wanted her to come back to music.

In 2013, we finally got our wish. Lily first returned earlier this month with a cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ for this year’s Christmas advert for UK retailer John Lewis. Warning: the combination of Lily’s sugary sweet, smooth vocals and the adorable animation’s storyline make you sob your eyes out!

And while Lily has always done justice to each of the covers she’s taken on over the years, we couldn’t really call it a comeback without a proper Lily Allen original, right? Enter ‘Hard Out Here’, her new single that explores the neverending difficulties women in the spotlight – and every other walk of life – face on a daily basis, delivered with her classic brand of snark and attitude and goes to prove that time has not dulled her sensibilities in the slightest.

While, as feminists, we want to support the rights of our women to dress and act however they damn well please, Lily’s attack is aimed at an entirely different target: the men whose unrealistic and contradictory expectations of who we need to be to satisify them just aren’t acceptable.

WARNING: This video does have explicit language and content and is NSFW. However, sometimes language is necessary to get your point across, and I couldn’t be happier with this track – and with Lily Allen’s comeback.