Lilly Singh says Selena Gomez is the most “unapologetically herself” celeb she’s ever met

Everybody’s fave girl ~bawse~ slash YouTube superstar Lilly Singh opened up about taboos and Selena Gomez in an interview with Teen Vogue, and it confirmed two things we already knew. One, Lilly Singh is a super awesome, empowered, and self-aware voice of our generation. Two, Selena Gomez is also super awesome and is, according to Lilly, who worked with her briefly, “unapologetically herself.”

We love women supporting women, so we love all of the amazing things Lilly had to say about Selena — and we also admire that Selena Gomez has been able to spend most of her life under the microscope and in the spotlight, and still be herself. Lilly told Teen Vogue:

“Prior to shooting with her and getting to know her, I thought I was totally myself. I was like, ‘Dude, I am so comfortable. I’m so myself.’ And I shot with her and I spent an hour with her and I’m like, ‘This girl has unintentionally schooled me on how to be yourself.’ She’s so unapologetically herself to the point where like I know she likes her hot Cheetos so I got her some hot Cheetos and I was like, ‘Girl, peace offering. Here’s some hot Cheetos for you.’ She just got her hair and makeup done so I’m just expecting her to not [but] she just cracks them open and starts eating them.”

Ummmm we love this for more reasons than just ’cause we also love hot Cheetos. We also especially love when Lilly talked about complimenting Selena on her most recent album cover:

"I made some joke to her; I be like, 'Girl I see you on the cover of this album looking all sexy.' And I'm expecting her to be like, 'Oh, hah.' And she's just like, 'Oh, I know the picture's so beautiful.' And I was like, 'Yes, embrace that.' I was like, I don't remember the last time someone took a compliment like that. You know what I mean? She was just totally unapologetic about being herself."

It’s so hard as a woman in general, but especially as a woman in the public eye, to maintain a semblance of self-esteem or confidence in a culture that so revolves around breaking women down, so we literally can’t get enough of Lilly and Selena being empowered and empowering one another.


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