Lilly Pulitzer’s awesome florals for Target just sold out like crazy

The wait is finally over! Today, Lilly Pulitzer launches its awesomely preppy, beachy, and affordable collection for Target. The clothing, beauty, and home goods line debuted in stores and online today.

If you were hoping to drop by Target later today and snag some stuff, you might be in for a little wait. Customers swarmed the stores and, as Jezebel reports, the merch was sold out in stores shortly after 8 a.m. When the items hit Target’s website at 3 a.m., would-be buyers crashed the site in a purchasing frenzy There are currently over 5,000 Lilly Pulitzer for Target items on eBay, many selling for double their retail value. Target has been apologizing to its customers for the craziness all morning, acknowledging their customers’ frustration and asking for their patience. It’s basically the perfect floral storm.

This Instagrammer documented the craziness of the lines:

 While this Instagrammer showed just how quickly the merch was snapped up:

None of this is THAT surprising. The hype has been crazy for this line. Target probs should have been better prepared for the Black Friday-like insanity that unleashed itself this a.m. Still, for those that have an ounce of patience, Target will restock (as is the nature of retail) and whether you get those giraffe-print palazzo pants sooner or later, the awesomeness that is Lilly Pulitzer for Target will be yours, so hang tight and keep the faith, your day will come affordable fashion lovers, and we promise it’s not THAT far away (even if it feels like forever).

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