9 reasons we want to be Lillian from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” when we grow up

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt here. It’s hard not to love Kimmy, Titus and even Jacqueline as they try to find their ways in New York City and in life. But it is Kimmy’s kooky landlord, Lillian Kaushtupper, who is our hands-down fave on the show. And it’s not just that we find her approachable because her hair is like beautiful spaghetti. With her can-do attitude and endearingly cranky opinions, she’s kinda our inspiration for the kind of older woman we’d like to be some day.

Here’s just 9 reasons we love Lillian:

1. She’s a diehard feminist (even if she isn’t technically correct all of the time).


2. She believes in justice for the little guys . . . 


3. . . . and has a healthy mistrust of authority.


4. Lillian knows how to deliver the ~perfect~ compliment.


5. But she could give lessons in eye-rolling. In fact, she probably does.


6. She’s ready to throw down. Or, you know, whack the side of a car with an oar.

7. She hates gentrification.


8. And thinks ahead in ways that would never occur to us.

9. But most of all, she’s always up for an adventure. And we love her for it.

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