Lili Reinhart opened up about what it’s like kissing Cole Sprouse on camera

We’re not gonna like — we always secretly wonder what it’s like for stars to smooch on screen. And now we know at least what Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart thinks about kissing Cole Sprouse on camera…and it’s sort of adorable. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Reinhart said that everyone on set is friends and super comfortable with one another, which makes kissing pretty easy.

She said, "If we have a kissing scene, it's fine. We don't really think twice about it."

She also noted that not all actors are as lucky as they are. “It would be more nerve-wracking if you had to make out with someone that you didn’t know. So if by chance we do end up having to kiss each other, it’s fine and it doesn’t feel weird.”

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We’re glad to know the whole kissing thing doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable (though, not gonna like, we would have loved for some salaciously juicy kissing details…but we’ll take what we can get).

When ET asked Reinhart about her and Sprouse’s off-camera dynamic, she casually said, “We get along quite well. We’re doing good.”

Which could sort of mean anything, right? Sprouse himself also likes to play coy with the dating rumors, telling last month,  “We’re all still human lives that are interacting with the source material. But, truthfully, it’s very pleasing that people talk about Lili and I in that way because it means that we’re resonating so strongly from our character perspective that people really want that to be true.”

Thanks for the BTS insights, Lili. We’ll take more details, any time!

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