Lili Reinhart Would Like Everyone to Leave Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Alone

Though her opinion may be "unpopular," Reinhart does have a point.

While the rest of us were geeking out about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s reunion during September 17th’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High live virtual special, Riverdale actor Lili Reinhart reminded us that Aniston and Pitt are real people, with real history, and maybe we should “just leave Jennifer and Brad alone.”

Categorizing her own thought as an “unpopular opinion,” in a September 18th tweet, Reinhart asked those of us “shipping” the exes to, “Stop analyzing their every move and facial expression whenever they’re involved in something together.”

Let them live their lives in peace, Reinhart wrote.

Having gone through her own publicized breakup with her Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse earlier this year, Reinhart knows how much pressure can be put upon celebrities to get back together, rekindle a flame, or try to forget what has happened in their past and start anew.

And for those who have been through a breakup, that’s all much easier said than done.

Reinhart has also experienced how gossip sites can twist words to create a new narrative about a celebrity’s personal life. In August, a quote from Reinhart was taken out of context during an interview and framed as her opening up about her split from Sprouse.

In actuality, she was referring to her depression. “I would never speak so candidly about something as personal as a breakup,” she disclosed on Twitter at the time.

If Pitt and Aniston decide to try rekindle relationship nearly 20 years after their divorce, they are absolutely free to do so. But let it be known, they won’t get back together simply because their fans willed them to do so. They’re real people, remember, with real people feelings that they have to work through.

So, Reinhart is right. Let’s leave them alone. It’s fun to feel the Brad-and-Jen nostalgia when they reconnect. But dwelling on someone else’s past is not productive nor fair.