Let Lili Reinhart’s incredible Halloween makeup looks inspire your last-minute costume

Lili Reinhart is a woman of many talents. We all know she’s a great actress (proven by her roles in Riverdale and Hustlers), plus she has an eye for fashion and a knack for poetry. But one of Reinhart’s lesser-known gifts surprised us. She’s a pro at special effects and Halloween makeup.

The 23-year-old often wears minimal makeup on red carpets and in her day-to-day life, but it turns out, she loves experimenting with bold looks in her free time—so bold that she’s basically unrecognizable. From the Queen of Hearts to David Bowie to Jessica Rabbit, Reinhart has transformed herself into tons of different characters—some actually scary, all scary-good. Makeup school was even her backup plan if she ever decided to give up on a career in acting.

"I was planning on going to makeup school because I had dabbled in it as a hobby and I always thought that I could make a career out of it," Reinhart told Imagista. "It was kind of like my backup plan. Luckily, I never had to fall back on it, but I still really do enjoy doing makeup."

We did some digging into her Instagram archives, and the actress has documented many of these impressive looks online. Some of her transformations are harder to replicate than others, but all of them are Halloween makeup goals. As the holiday creeps closer, we’re turning to Reinhart for our Halloween costume inspo. Check out our favorites special effects makeup by Reinhart below.

1David Bowie

Who knew Lili looked so good as a redhead?


Looking at those raw patches of skin makes us uneasy, but the icicles on her lashes and brows are actually kinda pretty.

3Torn face

Has the right side of her face (and right eye) been taken over by a zombie? Whatever’s going on, we’re into it.

4Creepy clown

Lili who?

5Pop art girl

This Halloween costume idea is so doable for a last-minute event.

6Cracked mirror

We love this idea, but will we get seven years of bad luck for pretending to be a broken mirror?

7Queen of the Underworld

This look actually scares us, and now we can’t unsee Lili as a demon.

8Creepy doll


False lashes glued under her eyes? Genius.

9Marilyn Monroe black and white portrait

This is such a creative take on the typical Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume.

10Superwoman comic

Lili to the rescue!

11The Queen of Hearts

Lili is the queen of our hearts in this getup.

12Pop art zombie

Again with the creative pop art!

13Jessica Rabbit

Lili got a lot of good use out of this red wig.

14Harley Quinn

There’s nothing rotten about this look.

Now, we’re off to decide between these 14 amazing Halloween costume ideas. Thanks, Lili!

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