Lili Reinhart debuted Betty’s brother on Insta, and he looks just like Dave Franco

Beware: This is semi-spoilery.

Earlier this month we discovered that newcomer actor Hart Denton would be playing the role of Betty Cooper’s brother Chic Cooper on Riverdale. The internet was spazzing on account of he is so cute, however, Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty) shared these behind-the-scenes snaps of her onscreen brother in the hair and makeup trailer and he looks eerily similar to the actor Dave Franco.

Hart’s first episode of Riverdale won’t air until 2018, so we have a long time to go before we meet Chic Cooper, so these Instagram Story uploads from Reinhart will have to suffice for now.



Here is the Cooper brood, minus dad and sis Polly. Sidenote: where has Polly been this season?

This casting director deserves a raise. Look at those eyes!

But on a more serious note…

This is Franco’s doppelganger, no?


Which one is which!??!



Last season Veronica Lodge had a moment where she wondered who Betty’s brother could be and joked that he must be a “blond Adonis.” She was absolutely right.

Long before Denton joined the Riverdale universe, eagle-eyed fans on the internet were already making the Denton/Franco connection. Even though Denton’s first acting role wasn’t until 2016 and he has a very bare IMDB presence, fans were tweeting about Denton back in 2015.

Kudos to Twitter for being on the pre-fame Hart Denton beat. Damn.


We’ll just leave this here:

“Both Hart Denton and Dave Franco are hawttttttttt.”

Need Franco to respond to this, tbh. Standby.

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