Lil Wayne was asked about Donald Trump and he had the most hilarious response

We can’t lie: this election has been stressful AF. But there are some bright lights through the darkness, and this one pretty much takes the cake. Because, apparently, Lil Wayne has literally no idea who Donald Trump is. We are *dying* laughing right now.

Lil Wayne seriously became our #Goals with his reaction to Donald Trump and the presidential election.

So here’s what happened: Lil Wayne was book signing for his brand new book, Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island, (and yeah, we wanna check out Lil Wayne’s book SO BAD).

The rapper chatted about his work with Joe Coscarelli of The New York Times, and things got… interesting when they started talking current events. The pair talked about the election, and, according to Paper, when Coscarelli asked his thoughts on Donald Trump, Lil Wayne said,

"Who's that?"


See why we’re laughing? It’s such a perfectly succinct answer. So simple. Such proof that he’s living in a world beyond our own. We wonder if he’s managed to escape election stress, too. Like, sorry, but is it bad if we say we wish we didn’t know who Trump is either?

We’re all for being aware of what’s happening in the world, obviously. But we’re also craving just a little bit of freedom from it all, and totally getting why even Hillary Clinton has turned to cat GIFs.

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