Lil Nas X Had the Best Night Ever at the BET Awards, and Twitter Is Living for It

The fashion...*the kiss!*

Any event where Lil Nas X is slated to show up and perform is automatically going to be a good time. And the 2021 BET Awards last night, June 27th, were no exception. Besides Cardi B announcing her pregnancy during her Migos feature, Lil Nas X first stole the show with his fashion statements—yes, plural—and then broke the internet with his performance of “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).”

He won the BET Awards and yet didn’t win an award. Icon behavior.

Lil Nas X arrived to the BET Awards red carpet decked out in an Andrea Grossi three-piece pannier suit. Though it looks like a 17th-century inspired skirt, the bottom half of the suit is actually a pair of pants. Lil Nas X also wore the designer’s matching corset and moto jacket.

The fabric, inspired by traditional toile, depicts themes of war and religion, as Grossi intended the pieces in this collection to “bring light to the problems of the 21st century” as well as critique political and religious ideologies that “have led the populations for a long time in (the) wrong way,” as CNN reports—a similar theme to that of Lil Nas X’s “Montero” music video.

Lil Nas X then did a quick change into an exaggerated floral suit from Richard Quinn that featured bell-bottom pants, massive lapels, and glittery stitching.

And then…the performance.

His ancient Egypt-inspired show was in homage to Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” music video. He even re-created the dance break and used bits from the song in his performance. And although the entire four-minute performance was incredible, the kiss at the end is what most came to Twitter to rave about.

And according to him, we’re not dealing with any backlash this year. What he’s doing is all positive, and if you don’t think so, you’re simply wrong.

So although Lil Nas X neither won nor was nominated at the BET Awards this year, the internet is in agreement that he simply won the entire show. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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