Lil Bub wore a scarf, which means it’s officially the winter months

Well actually it’s not officially the winter months until late December, but scarf season is upon us! It has probably been upon a lot of you for a while now, but Lil Bub’s wardrobe choices prove that it’s OFFICIALLY upon us. ICYMI Lil Bub, is the most adorable cat in the universe, and Lil Bub wore a scarf.

Lil Bub is known for so many things (author, talk show host, movie star, Internet star, philanthropist, alien) but weather forecaster hasn’t been one of them — until now! She’s like the groundhog of winter fashion. When Lil Bub puts on her first scarf of the season, people pay attention. Because she’s an alien, and aliens know things.

And if you really want to get in the scarf-wearing mood (and have an hour to spare), check out Lil Bub’s Yule Log video:

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