Like many of us, Hailey Baldwin can’t do this one super popular makeup trend

Even though there are tons of YouTube tutorials, Instagram accounts, and whole websites dedicated to the art of makeup, it can still be really difficult for us normals to figure out how to do some of the more complicated makeup techniques that are currently trending. Hell, even relatively simple ones like basic winged liner can be a totally daunting task — and Hailey Baldwin agrees!

In an interview with W Magazine, Hailey confesses to not being able to create a cat-eye on herself, despite the fact that she watches countless tutorials like the rest of us! We feel ya, girl! Why is it that we always do one eye perfectly, and the second eye comes out looking completely ratchet? There’s got to be a secret out there for the trick to get it done perfectly without the assistance of a special pen or tape, but we haven’t heard it yet!

Hailey goes on to tell W magazine that she actually created her makeup line with ModelCo to fit her exact makeup needs. She says:

"For makeup, I literally created my ModelCo range to represent all my go-to beauty products. I have to say that Kiss Pot Rose Lip Balm is always in my handbag and I love Perfect Pout Lipstick in Bendo."

Makes perfect sense! Wouldn’t you just make your dream line too if you had the chance?

Hailey may not be able to create a perfect winged eyeliner look on herself, but she has really outdone herself with the quality of the makeup her line produces. It’s so beautiful and dreamy, just like her! And we love that the line is all about showing off what you have and bringing out your inner glow. After all, you gotta get those insides looking good if we want the outsides to shine as well! Says Hailey to W magazine:

"I...make sure I take vitamins when I’m traveling and I like to do a work out to get my blood pumping!"

We may be headed deep into winter, but Hailey’s line is the perfect antidote to the dreary weather — when you have a beachy glow you’ll barely notice the snow all around you…right?

Talk about some serious cheekbone shimmer!

Are you a tutorial devotee like Hailey? Has it helped perfect your winged-liner technique? Give us all the tips if you have them. And aren’t you just dying to know what YouTubers Hailey likes to watch? Maybe she’ll let us in on her faves next time!