Here’s what it looks like when lightning strikes the Happiest Place on Earth

If you’re headed to Disney World this summer, prepare yourself for these three things: crowds, heat, and thunder storms. Almost like clockwork, every single day from June through August, a dark rain cloud rolls right through central Florida. With it, comes lightning — the kind you might see Zeus or Thor conjure up in the movies. But in Orlando, it is very much real, and visitors to the Magic Kingdom recently experienced one of these storms firsthand, complete with epic lightning.

Guests in Magic Kingdom had already crowded onto Main Street U.S.A. for the annual two-night Fourth of July fireworks, and found themselves with a front row seat for some pretty crazy weather. It looks like the zigzagging lightning jumps from cloud to cloud. It also appears as if lightning directly strikes Cinderella’s Castle, but don’t worry guys, no princesses were harmed.

Though the storm delayed the fireworks for a bit, eventually the real spectacular in the sky happened. But these lightning bolts might be worth the price of admission alone. Central Florida is actually known as the lightning capitol of the world due to the intense, and frequent, nature of storms that strike the Sunshine State. So if you’re headed to Disney World soon, don’t forget your umbrella and the courage to stare down some lightning.

(Images via Orlando Sentinel and Instagram.)

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