The internet thinks this lightning bolt looks like a dinosaur, and yeah, we agree

While its impressive enough to catch the temporary glory of a crackling lightning bolt, it’s even more impressive if that lightning takes the form of a giant T-Rex that looks about to devour anything in its path.

The U.S. Department of the Interior recently posted this incredible lightning bolt picture they captured on their Facebook page and immediately noted the obvious resemblance between the shape and the deceased dinosaur.

The Department (which protects and maintains our national parks) pretty regularly shares incredible awe-inspiring pictures on their page. But it’s not not every day that you see a picture of a seemingly random moment that so closely resembles the famous beast.


The awesome bolt happened in Blue Mesa, Arizona at the Petrified Forest National Park.

The fact that the fleeting and powerful bolt was so beautifully captured and that it resembles one of the biggest and most well-known silhouettes from the Cretaceous period makes this a truly phenomenal moment captured in time. It’s inexplicable pictures like this that make us keep wanting to look up at the stars and continue to wonder what it all means.