Briana Hansen
Updated June 08, 2016 12:26 pm
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The only thing better than enjoying a delightful (not to mention highly successful) heart-warming film is when Screen Junkies creates an Honest Trailer about it and cracks us up by saying everything about the movie we didn’t even realize we were thinking. And their Honest Trailer (which they did by request) for Zootopia is absolutely hysterical.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Giphy

Like the good Disney/Pixar movie it is, Zootopia seems like a heart-warming tale about a diverse group of animals living in harmony with personalities inspired by their animal characteristics who essentially go on an adventure together. But if you shine a different light on the same story (in a way only Honest Trailers can) you see some really complicated and convoluted, adult-oriented themes being played out throughout the movie itself.

Not to mention, it makes some seriously funny (and very true) points. Like the perfect moment when it introduces the movie as, “…the Disney animated film that grossed a billion dollars and finally got people to stop talking about Frozen,” and then cuts to Chief Bogo saying, “Let. It. Go.” You forget that, even well into the summer, people were still obsessed (and rightly so) with all things Anna and Elsa.

As the announcer begins to unravel what we thought was a perfectly picturesque animal world by pointing out a bunch of incongruent details that (when you think about it) maybe don’t make as much sense as we originally thought, he even begins to unravel himself. Because Officer Judy Hopps begins the film assigned to Parking Duty, the announcer starts to go off on a (hilarious) tangent about meter maids that hits really close to home for anyone who has ever gotten a ticket.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Giphy

When he finally cools down, he makes a point about how the animals in this world more honestly and accurately reflect the nuances and personal biases of our own selves in subtle ways we never before noticed (even though they were hiding in plain sight).

The trailer is as entertaining as it is enlightening. It shows that while we already knew that these animals acted like humans, they may show a lot more about humanity than we originally thought. Not to mention, the names they pick for the characters and their “film” are just spot-on.