Natalia Lusinski
April 23, 2016 9:39 am
Getty Images

We already had a girl crush on Scarlett Johansson, and now we do even more. Two of our favorite things are combining — Johansson’s acting and Zelda Fitzgerald in the upcoming The Beautiful and The Damned. The script, previously called Zelda by Hanna Weg, was on the Black List two years running!

The film will center on the intense relationship between Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald of The Great Gatsby fame. Though the couple was renowned for interacting with high society in the Jazz Age, they were also known for having a dramatic relationship laced with jealousy and drinking. Sounds like the makings of a perfect movie, right? (Plus, maybe it’ll lead to The Beautiful and The Damned-themed parties like The Great Gatsby did, and we love a great theme party and an excuse to dress up.)

Zelda was known as “the first American flapper,” courtesy of Fitzgerald giving her that title. Many scholars think she, too, was a strong creative talent, but not as appreciated as one back in her day.

It’s no secret that she was also her husband’s muse in material such as Tender is the Night and The Beautiful and The Damned, which may have been inspired, in part, by their marriage. Zelda, too, wrote about their relationship in her novel, Save Me the Waltz, but the writer and debutante had a troubled mind and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The movie will come to us via Millennium Films, known for several movies, including The Expendables franchise. At one point, Nick Cassavetes was thought to direct the film, with Keira Knightley attached. Knightley would have been fantastic, of course (as would Alison Pill, who played Zelda in Midnight in Paris) but we also love Johansson and are happy to see someone portraying Zelda as a leading role on the big screen.