Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 15, 2015 @ 3:05 pm
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This past weekend, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her presidential bid. Some people celebrated, some people did not, and perhaps the king of those not celebrating was a little kid named Zeke. Why’s Zeke so upset? His emotions don’t have anything having to do with Clinton’s platform, or legacy, or even that thing about the e-mails. Nope, he’s upset because he wanted to be president.

Zeke, we feel ya.

When the 3 (and a half) year old found out that Clinton was running, he burst into tears because it’s not fair that she gets to run, and he doesn’t. His mom, Erin (who caught this all on video), asks him if maybe he should consider running when he’s a little bit older, but Zeke will hear none of it. He’s ready to be president now. 2016 or bust.

Listen, Zeke has a pretty strong platform and could easily drum up supporters. For starters he’s adorable, and as president, he will “play with toys.” Also forget pantsuits, he’s wearing something better — Batman pajamas. He’s got my vote.

Check out Zeke’s official announcement video, and be prepared to vote for him in roughly 32 years.

Image via here.