Channing Sargent
December 19, 2016 6:17 pm

Los Angeles-based artist Yung Jake (whose real name is Jake Patterson) makes incredibly detailed portraits out of emojis.

Using the app this his partner Vince McKelvie developed, he uses the different emoji shapes and sizes to chisel cheekbones and dimples. The details of his portraits reveal faces, figures, objects and icons. The emojis he chooses are sometimes related to the person he’s portraying.

Now we want an app that will emojify our selfies!

Basketballs and footballs make up the face.

“Basically i find a good image and try to represent the ppl as good as i can,” Jake told W magazine via text message. “iIt’s not very deep…or high concept like my other stuff…i just happened to be good at it so i did a bunch of celebrities…i sent a lot to my famous friends [knowing] they’d post.”

With a massive Instagram following, Jake’s work has gone viral. If the medium fits…

Jake works in a lot of mediums, including painting, sculpture, digital art, video, music, and technology. He also makes products. But these emoji portraits have put him on the map, so to speak.

Commissioned by the LA Clippers.

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Gigi Hadid

Ken Bone


Bernie Sanders


Do like us, and obsess over his work on Tumblr. We may never be able to look at another face without thinking about what emojis we see.