Picture of the Sandlerverse

Hold on to your hats, because we’re taking fan theories to the next level. We’re not talking one or two small coincidences with this theory. This one spans across moviesAdam Sandler movies, to be exact. And proves that every single Adam Sandler movie is connected.

The theory comes to us from a very enthusiastic (and sleuth-tastic) YouTuber named Shawn Kohne. In an almost nine-minute video, he describes in detail a phenomenon he calls “The Sandlerverse,” where every Adam Sandler movie is connected. Kohne includes Adam Sandler movies, Happy Madison movies, Rob Schneider’s The Real Rob, some of Adam Sandler’s best Saturday Night Live moments and some of his own personal comedy. So yeah, it’s inclusive.

This all started when Kohne watched 50 First Dates and noticed a line similar to one in Tommy Boy. “After that it was just the process of literally watching EVERY Sandler and Happy Madison Production looking for connections,” he told Mashable.

Kohne starts by connecting 50 First Dates with Tommy Boy (Dan Aykroyd appears in both) and Bulletproof (the surname “Keats” is used in both movies). He also connects 50 First Dates to Blended, as Allen Covert appears in both movies as Ten-Second Tom.

From there, the connections get more and more amazing. For example, in Happy Gilmore, Chubbs Peterson dies a tragic death when he falls out of a window. He reappears in Little Nicky in heaven. Another character who appears in two Sandler movies is Farmer Fran, in The Waterboy and Joe Dirt. At one point, there’s even a stuffed duck that appears in two separate movies.

There’s also an entire section of the video dedicated to Rob Schneider and his townie character (this area of the theory is affectionately called “The Corner of Schneide”), and a sub-section of instances where Adam Sandler covers for Rob Schneider’s sidekick role.

“The rabbit hole goes deeper than you could ever imagine,” says Kohne in the video. “Everything on this wall is connected!”

The YouTuber even got the attention of one of Adam Sandler’s writers, Tim Herlihy. The writer tweeted that the video was “amazing” and hinted that there are even more connections that Kohne didn’t mention. Herlihy also noted that Kohne found some connections not even he had noticed before!

“Not only hear from the man, but to point out something he didn’t even know about…THAT sure does make you feel good,” Kohne continued. “That’s also why I left the Sandlerverse open for anyone else to add on to it at the end.”

He’s definitely thought of everything. Watch the entire video to see all of the connections—it’s totally mind-blowing! Kohne says that at least three more Adam Sandler movies are in the works, and we can’t wait to see how those fit into the Sandlerverse as well.

(Featured image via YouTube.)