There are people who love the gym. There’s equipment everywhere, trainers at the ready, group classes where you can learn fun gym-y things—it can seem like a fitness dream. But for some of us, that IS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE. I don’t like the gym. To me, the gym means paying a monthly charge to experience loads of people communally sweating on each other, bacteria-ridden locker rooms, and people giving you the old stink eye while you’re just trying to work out. If you feel the same, fret not, Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we have endless access to all types of trainers and exercise routines in the comfort of our homes. Check out these Youtube channels to start your get-in-shape journey without ever leaving the house or spend a dime.


Cassey Ho leads viewers through routines that mix pilates and bootcamp sculpting workouts set to pop music hits. She has shorter toning routines, as well as lengthier full-body workouts. Cassey is endlessly peppy and chit-chats throughout videos. So if you’d rather just buckle down and fire through your workout, she might not be for you. But if you want to train with a chatty chum, Cassey’s your gal.


This channel not only offers a wide variety of workouts from guest trainers, but also does videos on general health tips, cooking, and wellness advice—great if you like more variety to your workout. Videos range from dance to P90X to yoga to HIIT routines.

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene teaches yoga for all levels and for practically any occasion you can imagine. Whether you’re hunting for a detox, a bit of lengthening and strengthening, a relaxing wind down, or a routine for travel, Adriene’s got it. She’s also great because she reiterates the idea that you should go at your own pace, don’t do anything that puts you in pain and to just make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

Tone It Up

If you’re looking for beach workouts from two friendly women, check out Karena and Katrina. They also offer a ton of recipes on their website, along with a calendar that gives you an exercise schedule. Tone It Up is motivational and upbeat and even has its own app.


This is basically the YouTube heaven of exercising. They offer free workouts from some of the most well-known trainers around like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Tara Stiles, Billy Blanks Jr., and more. There is literally something for everyone: weight training, cardio, kickboxing, dance, yoga, and meditation…you name it they’ve got it. You’ll definitely find a fun way to get fit with this channel.