You’ve reached peak relationship drama, Libra.


Major relationship drama and changes are coming your way. If you believe in yourself more, you will find that the greatest love of all is within yourself—and you won't need anyone other than yourself to make you happy. That’s right, bbs, you're taking your power back this week.  

The Cancer sun and Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, softly connect on July 12th, adding sentimentality to the already emotional day. Mercury turns direct in the sign of Cancer on the 12th, clearing up miscommunications that happened throughout the retrograde journey. The sun collides with Jupiter, which is retrograde in Capricorn, on the 22nd. This will boost your confidence and heighten your emotions. The following day, Pluto, which is retrograde in Capricorn, opposes the sun and stirs the cosmic pot with the intention of creating power struggles in relationships.  

Words of advice: Don’t engage in drama on the 15th. Remember, having control and the last words can mean keeping quiet until the situation blows over. This will save your heart a lot of pain and trouble if you disconnect from the drama over the weekend. Surround yourself with positivity, not negativity.  

Here's your weekly horoscope. Remember to read your rising sign, too.


Everything in life is subject to change and nothing lasts forever. During such times, it’s important for you to find balance within yourself and get to know yourself on a deeper level. Then, you can survive the evolutionary process with flying colors and shed all of the excess baggage you have.  


Coming to terms with reality is hard, but it will help you understand situations clearly. In fact, you will now be able to see situations and people without your rose-colored glasses on, which will help you decipher their place in your life. As the famous movie title states, Reality Bites.


Your standards and expectations for others are too low. This is making you settle for crumbs when you deserve the whole cake and then some. Practice daily affirmations to boost your confidence in an effort to get your self-esteem back. You are amazing and deserve much more than you’re receiving.  


An amazing professional opportunity is coming your way. Before you make decisions to crawl towards this new career path, allow yourself a moment to think about your future goals to see if they align with them. Something that looks good on paper may not be the best route for you.  


Making decisions is never easy, especially when you are constantly questioning the direction of your career path. Take a moment to step away from the limelight to think about what you want on a personal and professional level. Ask yourself if the sacrifices you’ll be making are worth the trouble.  


You have decided to let bygones be bygones and move past frustrations that surfaced with your friends. The only caveat is that now you’re regretting having not stated your core emotions. Use chill and kind words to let your squad know how you feel to avoid residual drama from resurfacing.  


You’ve reached peak relationship drama and it’s causing your anxieties to flair up. Before you find yourself becoming angry or off-balance, take a few breaths to decompress. Then, you can find the right words to express your feelings and concerns concisely in an effort to be heard by your partner.  


The path to wellness lies within you. Relaxation and self-love are more essential than ever. Take time to implement some much-needed self-care into your daily routine. Allow yourself a moment to chill and find peace within yourself. This will help boost your mood, sentiments, and energy throughout the week.  


You’re finding a disconnect between logic and intuition this week, which is causing making decisions extremely hard. Before debating facts and feelings in your head, allow yourself a moment to clear your mind in an effort to help you move forward with your thought process and decompress your emotional anxieties.   


You’ve been flirting with your ex for the first month of summer. Now, you know that you aren’t into them. It’s not that you are bailing on being friends with them, but you just don’t see a future happening between you both. Be compassionate and kind when you release them.  


It’s been a long time since you’ve given your heart away. You’re ready to take the emotional leap towards love. The caveat is that you must be honest with your expectations and what you can give. Don’t promise the world when you can only go out for a local walk.  


Who do you love, Pisces? You are now emotionally assessing relationships and deciding who you want to commit your time and energy to for the rest of the summer. Choose wisely, but understand that you may change your mind on a special someone who’ll prove your intuition wrong this week.  

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