Teri Wilson
September 06, 2015 8:10 am

We’ve all seen American Ninja Warrior, right? It’s a television show featuring athletes who are pretty much as agile as superheroes competing in a series of ridiculously difficult obstacle courses. I will admit to being weirdly obsessed with it. I mean, it’s like watching Spider-Man in action. Only in Vegas. And he’s wearing Lululemon. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Apparently, I’m not the only one impressed by this scenario. It seems there’s a precious toddler called Yoshi (that name…all of the awwwww) who is a giant American Ninja Warrior fan. Yoshi’s mom and dad not only have a strong baby-naming game, but they also seem like amazing parents. Yoshi’s dad recently constructed a homemade, toddler-sized ninja course for his son, and then mom filmed it and posted it on YouTube. Because clearly this family is in the running for family of the year.

On YouTube, Kimberly Koge (Yoshi’s mom) says, “My toddler is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior, so my husband made him a course today, and he killed it!” You guys, she’s not exaggerating. Yoshi completely crushes this course. His intensity is off the charts as he runs from obstacle to obstacle. Watching him tiptoe across a tiny wooden board might the cutest thing to hit the Internet since kitten videos. By the time he shimmies under a little wooden bar, you can even hear him panting. Our hearts! This video might be why the heart eyes emoji was invented. Just saying.

Watch Yoshi crush it in the video below. And look out America Ninja Warrior! Yoshi’s coming for you, and he means business.

(Image and video via YouTube.)