Remember when the Olsen twins wore butterfly clips and then we all wanted to wear butterfly clips? Or when we were all suddenly talking in British accents around the time Spice World came out? Or that time Avril Lavigne said she used mayonnaise as hair conditioner and then we all tried washing our hair with sandwich condiments?

Oh, that was just me, I guess.

My point is that celebrities have always inspired young women, and today is no different than yesteryear. Sure, maybe that’s how we end up with trends like the #KylieJennerLipChallenge, but a video made by SheKnows Hatch Kids project shows that openly feminist celebrities are also motivating girls to be openly feminist, too. That’s absolutely huge.

Hatch Kids Learn About the F-Word …” introduces a group of middle school aged girls who are asked to choose feminist quotes from a wall. People get confused by the word “feminism” — especially when some influential celebrities distance themselves from the cause — but each of these quotes defines different facets of feminism, including respecting yourself and respecting others. In an effort to prove that feminism isn’t a “dirty word,” the girls only find out who said the quote after they turn their piece of paper around. Their faces light up when they realize that the people encouraging equality for all people include Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, John Legend, and a lesser-known indie performer named Barack Obama. NBD.

These girls are paying attention, and their take on feminism at such a young age is incredibly inspiring. “Girls get underestimated,” one adorable child wearing pink cat ears says. “People think they can’t do things that they can, and they can maybe even do it better than them.” YASSSS! Cannot wait for this girl to write a feminist manifesto or at least start posting regularly on Twitter.

Another wee lass channeled inspiring feminist celebrities in the best way, saying “I think everybody should be equal…like all people were created equal. Not just the men.”

Hatch’s video proves that youngsters are listening and absorbing the information thrown at them through the media. It’s an important reminder that proudly flying our feminist flags doesn’t just help us, it also helps future generations.

For more awesome resources for girls young, old, and somewhere in between, check out Hatch’s #TheFWord series and Amy Poehler’s fantastic lady-site, Smart Girls.

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