Crystal Ro
July 14, 2016 3:43 pm

Whether you’re new to the beauty game or a veteran makeup artist, we could all use a shortcut now and then when it comes to getting our best ~looks~ on, right? From fixing your favorite lipstick to mastering the perfect cat eye, these quick and simply beauty hacks will change your life!

1. To make your lips POP, line the outside of your lips with concealer for a crisp edge.

2. If your mascara dries up, use a few eye drops to revive it.

3. Use Post-it tabs as a not-too-sticky eyeliner guide for a perfect edge.

4. Broken lipstick? No problem, just fuse the end back on with a little heat.

5. Create the perfect french tips (in any color!) with a rubber band.

6. For a ~natural~ look to lengthen your lashes, try Vaseline.

7. Turn any lip look metallic and add some dimension with highlighter.

8. Use store-bought gelatin to remove stubborn blackheads.

9. Broken eyshadow? Fix it with a few drops of alcohol, mixing, and pressing.

10. “Contour” your lips with a darker pencil before applying lipstick.

11. Make a natural, antioxidant exfoliator from coconut oil and coffee grounds.

12. Never have dull tweezers again, just use a nail file to resharpen.

13. Protect your perfect eyeshadow from mascara with a business card while applying.

14. Use Scotch tape to create a fine edge with your lip gloss.