Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 9:10 am

So, this pretty much feels like the hottest summer we’ve ever had. Our sad, panting pets know it; our once flawless, now melting contours know it; and our constantly sweat-splotched outfits definitely know it. So at this point, while we wait for the hellish world to calm down and retreat to a somewhat tolerable temperature, there’s really nothing to do except try to distract ourselves by fantasizing about being cold, and cuddled up in a gorgeous cabin.

I mean, with this oppressive heat how could we not be dreaming of cooler days? Seriously, wake us up when the summerends. We never thought we’d be craving a bit of snow to the face, but times like these call for desperate measures (or maybe of a snow face mask…) We’re craving cold, and we’re craving surviving the cold in style. Get ready for serious #CabinGoals, friends. We’re here to help you escape, at least in your mind.

1. In case you like your log cabins to be, well, log mansions

Seriously gorgeous.

2. For a splash of color

A pop o’ blue among the snow.

3. This snowy home

Let’s get snowed in so we ~can’t get~ to work (so sad!)

4. This pretty pretty abode

Talk about a view.

5. This killer hideaway

Because winter makes us want to get lost.

6. Half cottage, half cabin, 100% perfection

We can just *smell* the hot cocoa.

7. This super modern Swedish getaway

Now this is unique.

8. This piece of #CabinPorn

BRB, moving to the mountains.

9. This teensy beauty.

Complete solitude except for some gorgeous trees? We’re down.

10. This converted cabin

Packing our bags as we speak! Call us when it’s under 70.