If you’ve got 21 minutes to spare, then we’ve got the best 21 minutes of TV you’re going to watch today. The X-Files just released a brand new behind-the-scenes preview for its revival, complete with the cast, crew, and snippets of what we’re going to see when the new episodes land on January 24th.

The video, titled X-Files: Reopened, also serves as a great in-between for those who haven’t binge-watched the show in a while, and it’s terrific if you’re Scully and Mulder newbies. Looking to jump into this show, but don’t have the time to watch all 202 episodes within the next month? No worries. Your cheatsheet is right here.

As series creator Chris Carter explains, the show is back because of the fans—and the new six episodes are meant for the fans. Not only are Scully and Mulder back, but many of the original writers, directors, and X-Files crew have returned for this run as well. While it feels brand new, much is still the same. There are also a few new faces, too, like “massive fan” Joel McHale, Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose, and the noted #1 X-Files Fan, Kumail Nanjiani.

The six episodes — some mythology-based, some standing alone — pick up “seven or eight” years after the end of the second X-Files movie, X-Files: I Want to Believe. Like all relationships over time, Mulder and Scully’s has begun to fray, and not only will the show investigate the unknown, but also what happened to these two during that stretch of time. There are already too many feels, and the video is only 21 minutes long.

So clear out a half hour of your afternoon or evening, and check the video below out. It’s still the season for believing, and we believe SO MUCH in this X-Files reboot.

(Image via YouTube)