It's time to let go of what's no longer serving you and your S.O.

Raven Ishak
September 01, 2020
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When it comes to astrology and relationships, everyone and their mom wants to know who they're compatible with and who they should stay away from. But rather than pigeon-holding yourself by only dating certain zodiac signs, you may want to reconsider your approach to love by focusing on getting rid of bad relationship habits.

The truth is, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, there is no such thing as a perfect compatible match when it comes to zodiac signs. A Pisces shouldn't only date a Capricorn, and vice versa. "I think there’s more to a person’s astrological vibe than just their sun sign," she says. "Overall, I think everyone can get along with anyone. It depends on 'nurture' as well as 'nature.'”

Basically, your environment and how you act in relationships tend to dictate your compatibility with others, not the actual zodiac signs themselves. However, while Stardust says that no zodiac sign is more or less datable than others, that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider how your sign plays into your relationships and relationship habits. "The Sun can decide your will," she explains. "So if you have an Aries sun, you may move faster because you're a fire sign rather than a Taurus who’s an earth sign and [tend to be] cautious. It dictates your overall desire and ego to pursue and be loved."

With that in mind, it's important to understand the kinds of bad relationship habits you need to let go of, according to your zodiac sign, in order to truly find happiness in your next (or current!) partnership. Read below to see what Stardust suggests.


Aries are fighters, especially when it comes to love. But Stardust recommends turning down the desire to pin someone down if things begin to feel forced. "Stop trying to work hard for love," she says. "The less you try to make things happen, the easier they’ll come." 


Tauruses tend to be true romantics—but they can also be stubborn to a fault, which can cause communication issues. "Don’t be too stubborn to your own point of view when it comes to hearing people out," says Stardust. "Keep an open mind."


While Geminis love to talk and need to express themselves, they need to be mindful of how they communicate with their S.O.s so they're not playing with their partners' feelings. Stardust suggests to "be concise and straightforward with your feelings. Don’t play games to get your way."


Even though Cancers love everything that has to do well...with love, sometimes they feel like they have to put their guard up to protect themselves from getting hurt. But instead of keeping your S.O. at arm's length, Stardust recommends that you "allow them into your life." This is your time to be kind and open to love, and experience it for what it can truly become.


While Leos are known to love themselves, they do love other people as well—they just might put a lot (and we mean a lot) of pressure on their S.O.s for them to be the best at everything and anything they do. But rather than trying to force your partner to be number one all the time, "learn to accept other people’s flaws and don’t hold them to a high standard," says Stardust.


Virgos are hard workers, whether in regards to their jobs or their love lives. But why put so much stress onto your relationships to make them feel "perfect" when perfect doesn't exist? Stardust reminds Virgos that "you don’t and won’t find someone who’s perfect. In fact, they may be less than that." Instead, learn to accept other people’s flaws so you can learn to love your partners for who they truly are.

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Yes, Libras are all about love, but they tend to have a hard time sticking to one relationship because they usually rush into them before truly examining the person they have decided to commit to. "Stop running from relationship to relationship," advises Stardust. "Don’t commit before you get to know the person better." 


When Scorpios are in relationships, they tend to have a hard time trusting their partner—but when they do feel comfortable with someone, they go all in. At the end of the day, Scorpios need to try to put their guards down to find true love. "Stop being suspicious of your boo," says Stardust. "Use your intuition to help you find a deeper connection without the drama."


Sagittariuses are not only adventurous when it comes to travel, but with love as well. That's why Stardust suggests to "commit to one person and stick with your honey no matter what" rather than jumping ship the minute things get boring. However, to keep the passion going, Stardust also recommends that you "be sure to find someone as thrilling and freedom-seeking as you are." This will also help you stay with one partner if that's something you're interested in pursuing.


Just because you're hard on yourself, Capricorn, that doesn't mean you should be hard on others, too. What might work for you to get motivated, especially when it comes to love, might not work for your partner—and that's okay. But rather than being critical of your S.O., Stardust recommends "looking deeper to realize they are more amazing than you think."


Yes, Aquariuses are known to be out-of-the-world thinkers, but they tend to throw their S.O.s through some mind-bending obstacles to test their loyalty. "Instead of giving your partner hoops to go through, be open to love without the game playing and tests of faith," says Stardust. This will allow you to loosen your go-to your fixed-sign tendencies (i.e. playing games), and instead focus on innovating the relationship to make it feel fresh and new for you to enjoy.


When it comes to love (or anything really), Pisces have a hard time being decisive about what they want. They're dreamers who prefer to keep their feet off the ground, not in lockdown with commitments. While Stardust says you can be "wishy-washy" when it comes to love, she recommends to "make a decision and stick with it. Don’t go back and forth." This will allow you to learn how to be present with your partner instead of thinking about the other options that are maybe out there.