samuel volery slacklining record
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We come to you bearing the latest in Things We’d Rather Watch Someone Else Do Than Try Ourselves, otherwise known as this footage of a guy attempting the world’s longest slackline record.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sport of slacklining, it involves a very brave individual walking across an extremely thin strip of material that measures one to two inches across and is typically made of nylon or polyester webbing. There are obvious similarities between this daredevil activity and performing a tight rope stunt, but the former involves a taut cable and the latter does not.

TBH, neither one of those options sounds particularly appealing.

But that’s where these ambitious, adventurous, adrenaline junkie types like Samuel Volery come in. According to The Daily Mail, the professional slackliner from Switzerland casually listened to rock music during his record-breaking walk.

Volery slacklined his way over an 800-foot high valley on May 14th in Malatya, Turkey.

The heart-stopping feat took 74 minutes to complete and beat the previous record by an impressive 600 feet.

Describing his incredible walk, the 32-year-old said, “I walked the line on sight — meaning that I did it on my first try.” He added, “I listened to music as I was going along, otherwise it would have become really boring.”

Boring?! Riiight. So what kind of tunes kept Volery from falling asleep while slacklining? Apparently, his playlist included Frank Turner, Franz Ferdinand, 3 Doors Down and 77 Bombay Street because that’s the only way to focus when you’re bouncing on a line hundreds of feet above the ground.

Congrats, Samuel! We look forward to witnessing more of your slacklining records — with our feet planted on terra firma.