Kenya Foy
April 11, 2017 3:44 pm
Hevesh5 /

While we’re out here striving to maintain ordinary lives, the geniuses behind the world’s longest domino line fall has inspired us to stop settling for mediocrity and push toward a path of greatness and record-setting feats.

If you were majorly impressed with this mesmerizing Super Mario Bros.-themed domino fall, then you’ll really appreciate the domino artistry of Lily Hevesh (known as Hevesh5 on YouTube), who used 15,524 of the game pieces to assemble an unbelievably intricate puzzle that boggles the mind.

According to Cnet, Hevesh’s latest domino feat took two days to construct and five minutes to fall, uprooting the previous title holder who set the record in 2016 with 12,610 dominoes. On Saturday, Hevesh shared a time-lapse video of the massive setup she worked on with assistance from some of her friends, and we’re honestly dizzy from watching the process.

Do yourselves a favor and spend five minutes of your day viewing this hypnotic domino fall.

So, how long does it take to achieve this particular level of domino mastery? In a 2016 interview with CBS, Havesh said it all began when she received her first 28-pack of dominoes from her grandparents at age 10. Ever since then, the teen has made a career out of arranging dominoes in intricate patterns for museums, companies and ad agencies, showing off her impressive talents on her YouTube channel.

To date, her “Amazing Triple Spiral” video — which features another mind-blowing domino fall in which the colorful pieces are carefully stacked and positioned in a circular pattern — has amassed over 26,000,000 views.

Mind = blown. Keep slaying the domino game, Lily, and we’ll continue to watch in awe.